iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+

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     Penny Renee Smith 

    Which iPhone 6 would you prefer? Both have almost the same features, the only difference that I see is that one has a bigger screen then the other.


    I purchased the iPhone 6 plus and I haven’t regret it. Amazing screen, battery lasts forever, and the movies look astonishing on such a screen. Also the video taken are fantastic. It is worth the 100 extra bucks

     Anonymous @

    I purchased both the iPhone 6 and 6+ for my wife and I respectively. My take so far:

    When handling my wife’s iPhone 6 my overall impression is that it’s a good size for general phone use; making phone calls, sending and answering text messages, looking up contacts, quick web searches, etc. The physical form factor allows easier use as a carry around phone simply by fitting easily into the pockets of my Levi’s 559 blue jeans. My wife uses this iPhone 6 as a ‘phone’ primarily and rarely uses any of the smart phone’s other functions and multimedia apps. If anything, iMessage, Facebook, and banking apps are pretty much the only things she uses on a consistent basis.

    My personal phone is the iPhone 6+ and I love the size as a content delivery device. My usage is quite opposite from that of my wife’s – I rarely make phone calls but make heavy use of web browsing, text messaging, casual gaming, and use iTunes and the camera on a daily basis. I have large hands so the larger form factor is not as much of an issue for me and I am able to operate the phone one handed easily but in my wife’s hand’s it’s too large and uncomfortable to use. Most of the content I consume is text and images with apps such as Flipboard, BaconReader, Alien Blue, Facebook, Google+, Google Chrome, Nextdoor, Instagram getting heavy usage. I also use my phone for work and access to relevant documents stored in the cloud via iCloud and Microsoft OneDrive are invaluable as well as access to Microsoft Word, OneNote, and other Microsoft Apps – I operate in a mixed computing environment utilizing both OSX and Windows 8.1 at home and work. The larger size is great for these purposes however this form factor also tends to live in my “man bag” when out and about as the form factor works against me when it comes to walking, physical activity, and transportation – it just does not fit easily into any pockets of my clothing. Battery use seems average with smart phones and with my heavy use seems to last around 16 hours before the battery hits 20% and requests recharging. On standby with hardly any use which is usually on my weekends I can get around 36 hours before hitting 20% with about 45 mins of phone calls and just checking email/facebook/Flipbook throughout the day. We switched to IOS after using the Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 520. Prior to that we were on the Android platform.

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