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Some of APPLESOCIAL Feature Highlights

Create your blog

Create your own website in less than a minute and completely  free. Make use out of more that 50 professional premium themes and the latest blogging interface.

Facebook login

Easily register or login with you Facebook account. Connect your AppleSocial profile and have it synced your Facebook one.

Use the forums

Create a forum topic, assign it to an available group and start a discussion associated with that group.

Join the groups

Join the Apple related groups and interact with other users. Create your own groups , or join as many groups as you like and receive notifications and updates directly to your inbox.

Chat feature

See when your friends are online and start a chat session with them. Use the public chat room or invite people for a private one.


Participate and earn points and unlock achievements. Send a message,  join a group, like an article, etc. and earn your karma points.

Loyalty program

Share the content on your social network. Get rewarded for replying to posts, joining discussions and participating in other online community activities.

Activity stream

In the activity stream, you may check all the latest blog posts, review the latest updates concerning our community and get an idea of who’s online or just registered.


Ask a Question?

Ask a question or even give your answer at the Q&A section. Earn some Q&A points too.

Check the forum?

Why not post at the group forums and start a discussion with other community members.

Contact us

Simply contact AppleSocial and let us know what you think, or what we need to change or improve.


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