Instant notififications

Stay up to date with real time notifications directly from your account. New messages, posts, friendships, rewards, group events and much more.

Loyalty and Rewards

Participate and earn points, receive badges, increase your ranking.  Send a message,  join a group, like an article, and dozen of more actions are all extra iPoints.


Do you enjoy playing games? Every day new games are added. Upload your media such as images, videos, music. Have fan with scratch cards for more iPoints.

Activity stream

In the activity stream, you may check all the latest blog posts, review the latest updates concerning our community and get an idea of who’s online or just registered.

Join the groups

Join the Apple related groups and interact with other users. Create your own groups , or join as many groups as you like and receive notifications and updates directly to your inbox.

Secure profile

Create your own secure profile, with cover image, set your privacy settings, profile visibility, email notifications and more. Delete your account at any point.

Those are just few of the features the AppleSocial network offers. Take a couple of seconds to register and discover all! Sign up with is even faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

iPoints are points awarded to users for performing various actions on the site. For example people receive iPoints for:

Registrations, daily visits, viewing content, logins, publishing content, comments, clicking on links, viewing Videos, referrals, Social Invitations, update avatar, upload images and a lot more..

You can go to our online shop and exchange your iPoints for gifts, subscriptions, products, ebooks, software, graphics, videos, money with PayPal cash and more. We add goodies every day, so keep earning iPoints.

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Yes. Just go to social articles under your account and submit your guest post.

Not all sites will be approved. Members sites need to have content related to Apple products. If you believe your site request is handled incorrectly just send us a note.

Please let us know if someone is misbehaving, spamming you, offends you etc.

Friending and following are very similar but have one main difference. Following does not have to be reciprocated, whereas friendship must be approved by both parties. Following works just the same way the Follow button works on Twitter.

Amazing Online Community

Stay tuned with your mobile devices

Make use of  any mobile device and share content, upload media, update your profile, in fact do anything you already do from a desktop device.

Make friends, share ideas, get notified

Stay connected with your friends , followers or any member of the Apple Fans social network by using messaging, real time notifications, chatting and many other cool features.

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