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The iPhone 5 is already out and is selling even better than hotcakes, by the looks of things. However, there’s also the upcoming release of iPhone 5S waiting around the corner.

It does beg the question, “Should you wait for the iPhone 5S and end up with a better version of the iPhone 5, or stick with the iPhone 5 and forego the needless new installment of the iPhone 5S?” That’s a curious question indeed.

To answer it, this article will take a look at what the iPhone 5 brings to the table, and how well the iPhone 5S will fare in beating its own predecessor.

The Pros and Cons of the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has many things going for it, chief among them the fact that it offers a larger screen (snarky detractors aside), a faster A6 processor, a free turn-by-turn navigation, iOS 6, and 4G LTE. This isn’t just an iPhone 4 with a larger screen. Everything has been rebuilt from scratch so that your phone will work better, faster, and more dependably every step of the way while still maintaining a slim, featherweight build that’s elegant in its simplicity. It’s foregoes the ornamentation of past cellular phones in favor of the Swiss-Army-knife, PC-in-a-phone functionality of today’s smartphones.

iPhone 5sHowever, that’s not to say that the iPhone 5 doesn’t have its own problems. For example, Apple Maps has long been decried as buggy and unfinished, such that it served as the butt of many jokes on the Internet at the time of the iPhone 5’s release. Verizon models of the device are also unable to use data and voice at the same time.

You need an adaptor to keep current accessories from being rendered moot. Nevertheless, the bottom line here is that people want what the top-tier iPhone 5 provides because it’s not just a rehash and is the next evolution in iPhones, just as its advertisement slogan suggests.

The Pros and Cons of the Upcoming iPhone 5S

The faithful fans of Apple are crossing their fingers in regards to the iPhone 5S because they’re afraid that its situation will be no different than what happened to the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. The most skeptical of buyers have decided to forego the iPhone 5S altogether in favor of just getting an iPhone 5 (while supplies last), simply because they’ve been burned before with the 4-4S development. Then again, that’s like putting the cart before the horse, since the supposed “iPhone 5S” doesn’t even have an official name yet. At any rate, the iPhone 5S promises to fulfill some of the expectations that iPhone 5 fell short on.

iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5S will likely sell huge numbers exactly because of its loyal fan base, but in terms of functionality, will it be worth waiting for? If you hadn’t gotten an iPhone 5 by the time the iPhone 5S is released, then you might as well get the iPhone 5S in order to avoid WiFi issues, the buggy Apple Maps, better build quality, and so forth.

No doubt, the iPhone 5S will fix all the issues currently plaguing the highly successful but somewhat flawed iPhone 5. However, by the looks of things, don’t expect a overhaul on what promises to be a mere tune-up.


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  1. Guest 11 years ago

    Patience may bring happiness.

  2. Drugie 11 years ago

    I heard its gonna not come until 2015

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