Word on the street is that Apple’s iPhone 7, which is expected to be launched in September this year, may come without the headphone jack. An image of the 7 Plus surfaced on a Chinese website last month; it was supposedly leaked by an employee working at the company’s manufacturing partner. While the reliability of the leak is suspect, multiple blogs have commented on the possibility that the photograph may be the real deal.

If the headphone jack has been killed, what will the available space be used for? So far, rumors have indicated that the space may be used for dual stereo speakers. However, the latest leak claims that the iPhone 7 will have a single speaker, and that the phone will be shipped with Bluetooth EarPods that pairs and charges with the device via the Lighting port, similar to the Apple Pencil and iPad Pros.

iphone-7-leaked-bastilleThe image also suggests that the iPhone 7 Plus may have a dual camera and a Smart Connector that can be used to connect a Smart Keyboard. Previously, there have been rumors that the latest model may share the 6.1 millimeter depth with the iPod Touch. But latest news say that the iPhone 7 will be as thick as the 6S. The plastic antenna bands on the back of the phone will also be eliminated.

The lens on the iPhone 7 is larger, which means that the phones may be packing a larger sensor. This is in contrast to older rumors suggesting that only the 7 Plus version will have the advanced camera. The leaked image features a protruding camera on the rear of the phone as opposed to the flat one being claimed previously.

According to other iPhone 7 rumors floating around, a few more sensors may be incorporated on the top of the devices. The sensors may be used for the phone’s display, such as bright back lights, contrast levels, minimized reflections and color reproduction.


macos On to a different rumor: Apple has let slip that it may be re-branding its operating system from OS X to MacOS. In celebration of Earth Day (April 22), the company discussed how it assesses product life spans on its new environmental page.

Apple dropped the hint in its wording, stating that the ‘years of use’ by first owners for the ‘MacOS’ are assumed to be four years, and three years for watchOS and iOS devices. By dropping the ‘i’ from its hardware and software names, the company is moving to a more unified naming scheme.


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