Healthy Apps for iPhone

Most people think that those who are addicted to electronic gadgets tend to gain more weight because they don’t get to exercise their body or don’t move around that much when they’re stuck with their electronic devices such as iPhones and iPads.

The truth is it’s not always the case and sometimes the opposite. People with iPhones tend to have a healthy lifestyle and a fit body because they make the most out of their iPhones through the healthy apps for iPhone.

Know what foods to eat

Super huge giant burger and teen girl trying to eat it.Keeping a healthy diet becomes easier and more fun to do with the help of nutrition calculator or calorie meter, or food monitoring apps for iPhone. Apps that provide information regarding the calorie content and the nutrition value of popular restaurants and fast food chains include the “Restaurant Nutrition” and the “Food Menu”. These apps also has built in diet programs that you can choose to follow and simply inform the app of the food that you eat and it will automatically tell you whether you are on the right track or if you need to change your eating habits. The apps are also capable of introducing the user to healthy foods and dishes that match their chosen diet program.

Other useful food monitoring apps include the “Calorie Tracker”, “40-30-30”, and “Lose it”. These apps are great for tracking your diet and also allow you to set the ideal weight that you want to achieve and create reports in graphs regarding your performance.

Know your exercise routines


Aside from keeping a healthy diet, being fit also requires having to do physical activities that stimulate the muscles and nerves of the body. “iPump Free workout” is an iPhone app that has a collection of exercise videos and two full workout programs. The app is also capable of allowing users to track their performance using the workout log tool. Other activities such as biking have also respective apps. One great app for bikers is the iSpinning app which tracks speed, power, maps target routes, and the heart beat performance of the biker.

On the other hand, for the less rigorous activities such as walking, slow jogging, or running for fitness the “Step Track Lite” is the ideal app to use. This iPhone app is a music player and a pedometer in one. The advantage is that you can put away your iPhone in your bag, pocket, or hold it while listening to music and the app still works just fine and continue to track your steps and movements. Other useful apps for workouts or exercise are “Yoga Stretch” and “Pret a Yoga Lite” for Yoga fans wherein they will have the opportunity to have a virtual yoga instructor that will guide them in every yoga activity and “iPump office stretch”. 

Know when to relax and chill out

mobile_health_appsBeing fit and healthy does not always equate to the person always moving around or being cautious in the things that they are doing or eating. One way of keeping a healthy life is also maintaining a stress-free environment, a stable emotional state, and a clear mind. To be able to achieve this, the stress relieving apps for iPhone can be used. Some of these apps include the iTunes music player or other inspirational music apps that help calm emotions and clear the mind. Likewise, the Paradise and Koi Pond apps that show slideshows of picturesque and scenic images relieve stress.

Other apps that can be used are those that evoke a chuckle or a laugh from the user by telling jokes or funny stories such as the “I can has cheezburgerapp.

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