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Apple has proved its excellence by taking major shift towards iOS 7 with the release of iBeacon software. It associates through bluetooth software in order to transmit information across bluetooth signals using BLE. After the release of iBeacon, many services and products were launched that made use of iBeacon.

It has geared up future of shopping that used to send notification to your iPhone after being closed to a small wireless sensor in a store. iBeacon can push
general notification on the basis of its location and can even conjure location based marketing messages. This has thereby helped Apple in expanding their online retail market.

There are range of companies that can transmit data to any Bluetooth low energy enabled devices within range. This will cater people to make direct purchases without interacting with a phone. BLE feature is in built in iOS and Android 4.3 that is meant for transferring data as payment data to the beacons. Many stores have installed BLE that would send signals on iPhone about the location of a particular item and the mode of payment using online mobile marketing feature.

iBeacons is not only good for retail shopping and coupons but it also exhibits several features:

  • Micro location Geo fencing: It is optimized for indoor mapping and thereby offering indoor navigation in case if GPS signals have trouble stinging the steel and glass of buildings. iPhone with iBeacon’s micro-location feature can connect to adjacent beacon to produce a GPS location. Just by using iBeacon’s map app, user can navigate through airport, casino or museum.
  • Your home will automatically unlock as soon as you approach the front door. Smart devices can easily interact with each other as soon as they know that you are in. All devices become automated and started to transmit signals to each other.
  • With iBeacon in your car and garage, the information regarding your car is standing over there or not could be e-mailed or sent to you through an app or push notification.iBeacon is in the hype because of its better terms of range in comparison to NFC. iBeacons range lies up to 50 inches, whereas NFC range is up to 8 inches. iPhone support BLE is required for iBeacon to transfer data, whereas NFC enabled devices only requires NFC chip. They are
    more inexpensive than the NFC.

iBeacon software is the future of forthcoming era and it is beyond retail marketing. Most of the iOS app developers have already started ti put its integration into their core apps which can help them send and receive real time information. This is being done by interconnecting several devices, thereby making use of the Internet of Things. This new extravagant feature is having the potential to make a positive influence on world of mobiles, online retail, internet as well as your daily experiences.


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