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Apple has gained massive momentum with its agility and higher productivity. It has taken the center stage by catering individuals with a large number of innovative products, enlarging businesses or forging several new job opportunities. Apple has deployed end users with the most sophisticated technologies which is why a large number of users are driven towards it. Thus, Apple has always taken the lead and managed to remain one step ahead among market shares. Since last few years, the Cupertino giant has been working on several major projects within enterprises. So the query which arises is that how they are stabilizing to completely revolutionize the way businesses regulate workstations.

There is no denying fact that users were unable to predict the impact of consumerization of IT on the enterprise team in the year 2007, when the release of the first iPhone was announced. As in the current era, users are mostly stipulated on future oriented mobility so they expect to use the most innovated technology. Apple with its peculiar in building quality, inevitable focus on things and series of services has significantly won the minds of consumers and later expected to achieve top position among tech giants.

Nowadays with the slew of Smartphones we can see users having more than one device according to the demands of the corporate world. There have been major shift in technologies and IT teams is speeding up their efforts in order to support the new consumer devices on their allied networks. This thereby supported in creating an ecosystem of Mobile device management. The announcement of iPad few years back has pretty nicely taken the glitter from other Tech giants globally. Extraordinary portability, feasibility and extensibility are the key aspects during launch of iPad devices and these features enable Apple to drive further into corporations. This even created a platform in order to develop and deploy applications at a rapid pace.Will Tech giants be able to assume the world beyond the windows and iOS app development incorporate divisive mobility solutions.

The recommendation includes certain features which help apple to achieve a significant position among enterprises:

  • 64-Bit mobile architecture: Having 64 bit architecture not only means faster processing but actually the device enable to achieve higher RAM. Theoretically it enables to achieve in Exabytes which is comparatively higher.

  • iCloud Drive: Storage is being considered as the most crucial factor for mobile computing devices in today’s era. While syncing media files, it becomes difficult to manage on 128 Gigabytes and users run out of space in that condition. The release of the iTunes app store helps in overcoming this drawback and significantly caters large space for synchronizing media files.

Thus, Apple has made a move towards the growth by catering high computing experience on mobile devices. Let us see what will happen further in the forthcoming era and how will this new world of tech services look alike. Only time will tell what would be required to enhance the growth of the company and whether it will move forward to takeover enterprises or not.


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