Technology is getting more important in the globe whether it is an airport check-in kiosk, mobile technology, social media, and search engine all is held together by various forms of it. Do you know that 80% of the world’s population has a cell phone? In 2011, over 15 billion applications have been downloaded from and Apple iPhone app store and which has now increased to 200 million new downloads.

iPhone has always been considered one of the most important inventions of the 21st Century. It revolutionized the mobile market with its sleek look, amazing features and high-class processing speed. It has recently announced its new iOS 10 feature for iPhones. In the initial stage it was creating huge troubles for the users; however, the apple company managed it quickly and provided the users with the flawless experience of iOS 10.

With this operating system, a new door has opened to technology by improvising many apps, features etc. on iPhone. Some of these features are:

  •         Finding your parked car in a parking lot
  •         Improvised music application
  •         Siri identifies the call and announces the caller name
  •         Bedtime feature
  •         More to do with iMessages 
  • Unbeatable Camera Features:People who are fond of traveling for them, iPhone have simplified the use of camera and have also added some awesome hidden features to it.
  • Just swipe left for swift & rapid access to camera.  
  • It has added the ‘rule of thirds’ to the camera which plays an essential role for a great photography.  
  • The burst most allows you to get 10 clicks in a go with maximum quality.
  • iPhone camera also allows you to click HDR photos and live photos.

Have you ever felt, before a trip you are bombarded with a lot of travel information? The best way to get rid of the travel stress is by following means:


  • Gather different travel information:
    Search queries related to best transfer, hotels, restaurants, Chauffeured Services etc. on safari installed on your iPhone.


  • Plan your own itinerary:
    After the research is finished , try creating your own travel guidebook according to your preferences. Also download a travel application from the app store like Blackbird Passenger App which can help you gain insights related to convenient travel bookings.
  • Tailor made E- travel book:Once, th
    ese points have been finalized, create your own unique editing travel book on your iPhone. Also, scrutinize services like Blackbird Worldwide that can help you with your travels anywhere in the world.

After you have finished with the travel, share stories, pictures, videos of the same, captured on your iPhone through various mediums and embrace yourself in the joy of memories.

Andy Smith

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