Apple Mobile Company has brought iOS 9 jam-packed of improvements to make your iPhone usages effortless. The challenge faced by Apple now is how to put together; software with progressive performance along with enhanced experience and fluidity of the user. Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 9 is hitting numerous iPhones all over the world with its incredible and beyond imagined features.

BEYOND IMAGINED FEATURES!! Like most people you are wondering which features Apple has brought, let’s see details here.

Apple has used up a lot of time in connecting dots between the in-congruent pieces of its operating system via iOS App Development. Apple is not heading to change user’s life in fact with iOS 9 Custom Mobile App Developers facilitate you to make as little change as possible. The idea is pushing technology to an extent that it learn user’s’ behavior and adapts it accordingly.

Despite the fact every user utilizes notes but barely anyone pay much attention to it. “NOTES” is most underrated app on the iPhone but with iOS 9 it is added with superior capabilities. Users can keep their web clippings, documents, maps etc. Draw notes, make checklists or add pictures do anything or send any stuff from any app and access it from basically any device. These added functionality makes a simple solution to troublesome interface for transferring file/link/set of directions to laptop or PC. Finding sent stuff again or keeping multiple apps worth of stuff in one place.

Being most efficient Mobile Apps Development Company Apple came up with numerous new ways to link apps and Notes in multiple ways. With updated iOS 9 maps comes with transit directions, attaching and saving email files has become more simple and effortless. Clicking on any new notification takes you away from your current functioning so here “back button” makes user life easy .On the top left corner of your iphone there is a left facing arrow attached which will take you back to same location where you were before that notification. Additional significant update is facility to distinguish when keyboard is CAPITALIZED and when not.

The major modification in iOS 9 is Siri. People who were not much happy with the performance of Siri previously must look forward for its upgraded version. It has supplementary powerful virtual assistant and more seamlessly integrated into the UI. It works as universal remote which has ability to gaze at your photos and detain your visited sites or functioning. Siri assist users with this detained information later whenever it is required. Siri has not provided even average performance initially but gradually it got better and now with iOS 9 Siri is efficient to do almost everything users ask Siri to do.

Swiping your Apple`s home screen to the right will give you access to Proactive window to do anything. By using your location, time of the day and other cues Apple iOS 9 will find out your preferences related to apps, reading stuff and contacts persons etc. Despite of so many improvements still card-based multitasking window is not enough user-friendly. Users will take time to get familiar with new font, San Francisco. All in all Apple can still continue with the important up-gradations to provide enhanced experience to its users.   

Andy Smith
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  1. giorgos 9 years ago

    Andy, Thanks. Very interesting article. Specially I like the siri improvements. I’m going to upgrade to iOS 9 now 🙂

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