The advent of iPhone meant that the world would never be the same again. Today the iPhone is used by almost everyone and it is as much a part of its user’s everyday life as are computers. In fact, many would agree that iPhones have effectively replaced PCs in one way or the other. It is almost impossible for people to conduct their everyday tasks without one.


The iPhone has made a place in the corporate world as well. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small business or a large company, an iPhone can help both employees and business owners enhance their productivity levels. In order to do this, however, one must be in possession of the right business application for iPhone. Plus the best cloud email services for business.

Mentioned below are three of the best ones for this purpose.

  1. MailChimp

mailchimp-big-logoThis is an application which really complements its website. The purpose of this website is to keep track of the email marketing done by a company. In order to make this application more user friendly, clean and refined, MailChimp has refrained from adding many of its website features to it. The main difference between this app and the website is that the application is more of an application tool whereas the website can be used to create and send entire email campaigns. The application makes use of tools to analyze the figures and the data. It displays the percentage of users who either click or open the emails generated by the company. This helps in improving the data for the next campaign.


  1. Adobe Reader

525bf471It is one of the most useful and productive applications developed by Adobe and is used to open and read PDF files. Some of the features of this product which make it really attractive are its ability to import, then add or fill, and then export a document. The Adobe Reader makes it simple for users to underline, highlight, strikeout texts and also to draw or add signatures to the PDF files. Once all the revisions or additions have been made to the document, the reader allows the user to email the document or to save it onto Google Drive or Dropbox.


  1. PayPal Here

circle_paypalEveryone, these days, is familiar with the name PayPal. This is mainly because the concept of online payment solutions is gaining popularity so it is no wonder an app has been launched. The reason why PayPal rose to revolutionize online payment solutions is due mostly to eBay, the global online marketplace. It should not be much of a surprise for people that PayPal has stepped into the physical world and that too as a sure thing. In order to operate PayPal Here users will need a card reader. This can be easily ordered from its official website for £99 which comes to around US$170 or AUD$180. Once this is done, PayPal will be looking to charge a flat fee of around 3.40%, in exchange for every transaction that the user makes through this service.

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