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The proliferation of fast pacing technology entirely paved a new way to establish goals and has developed a new sense of purpose for the forthcoming era. There have been slews of automated products and services that have thoroughly changed the way of communication. Innovative products are spreading like wildfire in the market, thereby rising competition among the tech giants.

According to the researchers, Apple and Microsoft in earlier times were the biggest competitors with 70 percent of the market share. But the question that used to arise was that who will critically influence the market share with its high performance. It has been highly rumoured by the people working within and outside the companies, that there is a great similarity between the war of Apple with Android and Microsoft.

There have always been a battle line drawn between Apple and Android and both the companies continue to control the marketplace in regards of various new launches. According to the tech giants, winner used to take 75 percent of the market share and the looser used to crawl in the race of becoming better. Among Microsoft and Apple, the later has Big Plans for Enterprises which is why it has catered a massive number of applications that attracted several users. It was crucial for customers to switch to another application after spending large amounts of dollars on apps that run on a specific platform. Thus the maximum number of users were switching to Apple.

iphoneIt was observed that in the year 2010 it was crucial for android ecosystem to take the maximum amount of market share. The Android App developer used to face a difficult time in creating revenues through it, whereas Apple has sold 60 million of iPhones with more than 200,000 applications.

During that time Apple dominated the market and iOS Apps developed over two years have been paid by more than $1 billion. But after some time both the companies started squaring off each other as the Android platform started exploding thereby making it feasible for any mobile manufacturer to use it. The large number of people have started switching to smartphones having android platform, thereby making it possible for Google to get a dominant market share.

Apple and Google was distinct from that of Apple versus microsoft as in the modernize era mobile app developers were capable enough to write software for both the platforms. The cost of switching among platform was ten times less than as it was in the previous decade. The third party service provider has even catered consumers with several ways to get connected to their network. But the Android strategy was quite similar to that of Microsoft and this is why it has started making more sales as the windows did. There is no denying fact that Apple learned from its previous experiences and released an economical iPhone 5C in order to compete with its biggest rivalry Android.

There were several rumors anticipating as the war continues and people were expecting it to grow further so that there may be some great launches that may result in increased revenues. According to the analysts, this war between tech giants will never come to an end and they will continue thereby resulting in some huge innovations. Thus the tech giants are speeding up their efforts in order to gain maximum market share, thereby catering rich experience to the end users.

  1. Dark 10 years ago

    Proofread please. For someone who claims to write professionally, this piece reads like it was written by an 8th grader.

    • Author
      Jimmy Parker 10 years ago

      @Dark : PLEASE DO THROW SOME LIGHT, where did you find the lack of quality content. It is a well researched writeup, rather than swinging wildly in the air, i would appreciate if you could be more precise.

  2. Yergalem 10 years ago

    Appreciate reading your content, Jimmy

  3. Penny Renee Smith 9 years ago

    Your article was very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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