Each day more and more programs hit the app store that makes lives easier. Whether it’s business, media, networking, management or any other industry, you can nearly do everything directly from the palm of your hand. Here is a look at some of the top apps that can help you in a variety of different ways, so you can use them no matter the industry you are in.
Dropbox is one of the most useful apps on the app store, which may make sense considering how many users download this to their phone. With this app, you can download and save your important files to a cloud service that you can access from anywhere you have wireless service or Wi-Fi. This means it’s no longer a problem if you forget a document or file at home, because you can quickly log onto your Dropbox account and grab it from the cloud. This perfect for homework with students, documents for management and so much more.
One of the best note taking apps on the app store, Evernote has long been a highly valued program. With this app, you can make notes to one document and then access that same set of notes from any of your other devices. What originally started as a valuable app for students has transformed into one of the most powerful apps available. You can now draw pictures and take more detailed notes, which increases the value of using Evernote.
Whether you are the next Ansel Adams or you just enjoy taking great looking selfies, Aviary is a great app for photo lovers. There are tons of different photo editors out there, but Aviary is one of the easiest and most powerful and productive. While your camera allows you to save great photos, Aviary turns them into beautiful memories that you’ll never forget.
When it comes to managing people, there aren’t many other options out there easier to use than Deputy. This app allows you to organise your time and attendance of employees, in order to make sure you have your staff set during times that you need it most. Your employees can also keep in touch with each other, to make sure everyone is on the same page with who is working and who’s doing what. Deputy is a must-have for managers and business owners who have a lot of people to track and manage.
Rather than downloading individual apps for each of your social media profiles, use HootSuite to control everything at once. This app allows for you to make posts and status updates to all of your profiles, while organising everything much easier. Furthermore, business owners can use HootSuite to grant permissions to certain members of your team to access certain features on your social media pages. That means your photo department can upload pictures, your writing department can post statuses and your HR department can try and find new employees through your countless friends. HootSuite is incredibly easy to use and also saves room on your phone.
Whether you are a student that is living on only a few hundred bucks a month or a CEO who manages multiple financial portfolios, Mint is for you. This apps links directly to your bank accounts so you can see right on your phone where your money is going and how it’s being spent. You can also set it up to where a certain amount of money goes towards savings each month, which is incredibly helpful for those looking to plan for their financial future.
No matter the industry, organisation is everything. If you aren’t organised, then things will quickly stack up and you’ll be having difficulties tracking tasks before you know it. Remember the Milk helps you make detailed and organised task lists so that you can better arrange things in your life. Once you are able to start organising things better, less can throw you off as whenever a new surprise comes up.
There are so many apps available on the app store. However, the ones listed here are great for people of all professions and tech skills. Be sure to have one of these apps on your device, no matter what you do for a living and life will be much easier.
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