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75 Billion Apps Downloaded

Source: Mashable.com

With every passing minute, Mobile Application development industry is rapidly burgeoning. According to the reports generated, it has been estimated that 50 billion applications have been downloaded from the Google Play Store and nearly 75 billion apps were downloaded from Apple’s App store.

But the major issues that arise is that it is becoming crucial for users to find high quality Apps because of the app store’s poor navigation and large quantity of apps. The other major issue that developers and marketers are facing is that they are having difficulty in finding the users in finding and downloading their applications. Tech Giants are speeding their efforts in order to enhance the application discovery process in both the platforms.

As was estimated, a new feature Browse by category was introduced which rather than drop down list cater users to cross through app collections via icons. With the particular integrated apps and App store exclusives, browse by category has now been confined as a featured card on Mac and iOS App store. Apple is looking for further improvement in ios app development by collapsing the categories menu accessible in drop down form near the search bar.

  • Rather than iOS users, drop down menus are more exclusive and easily available for Mac users. This helps in facilitating the method of searching new apps in the stores and this new icon based navigation assures to make touch screen browsing simpler.
  • Third party app discovery process is an alternate to the default Apple’s App store and the Google Play store. Thus it makes it appropriate for users to use 400 distinct signals and search for Android apps. After this, user in order to discover apps neither need to access 1000 subcategories and nor does it need to type to voyage the app store.
  • Few organizations are working on reloading the third party apps on their device and will also promote other apps recommended by its partners. There have been much competition as these third party apps has caused many app development companies to shift out of the business, so it is becoming crucial for developers to switch to third party app store.
  • General browsing is considered as the best way to download and use new apps through the two app stores.While browsing for most popular and top rated sections, it is considered as the third most popular app discovery process.
  • Developers in order to enhance further growth of apps encourage social recommendations, but it should be done in such a manner so that it does not impact App store rankings in an unfair manner. During promotion of an application, marketers and developers consists of relatively less information because algos and operations of the App stores are not that much easy.
  • Detailed description of application and quality screenshots as well as video demonstration are required in order to amend an application for the appropriate app store. Push notifications and advanced analytics are the key aspects that are needed to maintain the quality of an app and results in large user engagement.
  • Subcategories is another way that enables developers to get their apps discovered and allows users to easily find apps Tech giants are also deploying the curation technology for improvising app recommendations and navigation.
  • For further modification of the App store, better tools with increased functionality, better categories and smarter recommendations,Apple is taking the Mobility War to the Next Phase. This all will be better for the developers who are looking to drive more downloads, users who are looking for applications that work in accordance with their requirement and app stores that are looking forward to cater quality suggestions and downloads in order to generate large revenues.

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      Thanks Giorgos 🙂 .. I try to write and publish best Content bases on latest technologies/ Updates

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    I like the very focused articles posted .

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