Is the future of the iPhone now? There aren’t many companies on the planet that would consider 26.9 million products sold in one quarter to be a drop-off, but that’s exactly what the Apple community has been dealing with ever since the iPhone 5 came out.  Despite all of the traditionally-rabid iPhone fans, the iPhone 5’s launch was the slowest yet.  Now, people are wondering what’s next for the smartphone superhero.

First things first – is the economy to blame for slower-than-normal Apple sales?

Probably not.  Despite money troubles in all corners of the globe, people are still buying smartphones.  The problem is that many of them are turning to another option – the Samsung Galaxy.

Right now, the Samsung Galaxy S III is the best-selling smartphone in the world – a title it took from the iPhone.  When the Galaxy first launched, 30 million phones were sold within 150 days.  That’s a slower rate than the iPhone 5 was selling at when it was first introduced back in September, but the difference is that the Galaxy has kept up the pace.  Currently, 200,000 Galaxy phones are still being sold every single day.  Galaxy phones also come with a contract-free option, which makes them a much cheaper investment than the iPhone 5.

But that’s not the only issue in the iPhone vs. Galaxy debate.  Smartphone fans see this race a photo-finish because:

iphone vs galaxy

–  Both phones have voice control (Apple’s Siri vs. Samsung’s S-voice).

–  The Galaxy has a bigger screen, but the iPhone 5’s screen has better quality.

–  Both phones have similar high-end cameras.

–  Both phones have great speed, but the Galaxy’s tends to be a little more consistent.

–  The iPhone 5 has more apps, but the Android market is starting to close the gap.

–  The iPhone 5 entered the market with the iOS maps disaster.  The Galaxy has Google Maps, which people tend to like much better.


Bottom line – this is the first time the iPhone has had any “real” competition.

Plus, the iPhone 5 isn’t all that different from the iPhone 4S.  All of the other iPhones have been drastically different from their predecessors, leaving some people wondering if the Apple community has anything left in the creativity tank, especially now that Steve Jobs is gone.  And, remember, the iPhone 5 was released late – leaving many iPhone fans waiting on bated breath for Apple’s next move.  Since there weren’t that many upgrades, some fans were disappointed.

When you add it all up, it makes sense that there would be some doubts about the iPhone’s future.

future of the iphone

But don’t count Apple out just yet!

After all, the iPhone is responsible for two-thirds of Apple’s sales profits.  You know they’ve got SOMETHING up their sleeve in order to take back the market.

And it looks like the iPhone 5S just might be it!

Word just broke in China that Apple is planning to begin test production on the iPhone 5S in December 2012, with widespread manufacturing beginning in early 2013.  That would make the iPhone 5 obsolete in less than six months – the fastest ever for an iPhone (which may not be a bad thing).  There are also rumors that a lower-priced version could be hitting the shelves, which would put a pin in Galaxy’s cheaper-option “balloon”.

So, what is the future of the iPhone?

In true Apple fashion, very little has been released about the iPhone 5S so far.  Right now, the only educated guesses we can make are based on patent filings – which seem to lean towards a flexible display that would make the phone easier to hold and type on.

With all of the buzz, it’s clear that the future of the iPhone is right now.  Rabid iPhone fans (and even casual observers!) can’t help but get excited over what Apple will roll out next!

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  1. ranjith 11 years ago

    their next one/two release will give us an idea of how much capable they are without STEVE JOBS

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