If you want to get your hands on a new iPhone, then there are some great deals on the market at the moment. In this article we are comparing iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 deals so that you can decide who the best operator is to get your new mobile from. Read on to find the best iPhone deals for the best prices!

iPhone 4 Deals or iPhone 5 Deals?!

You have a choice of four iPhone models with major UK operators at the moment; the iPhone 4, 4S, 5C or 5S. You can read more about the different models in detail here, but we will give you a basic look at the differences below.

If you are looking at iPhone 4 deals, then the iPhone 4 and 4S are very similar. Both have the same three and a half inch screen and the same 1 GHz processor. The 4S model is going to give you better picture quality, since it has got an 8 MP in built camera rather than the 5 MP camera seen on the iPhone 4. You will also have better Bluetooth support if you go with the 4S, which may be important for those who need to use Bluetooth devices.

When it comes to the iPhone 5 models, again, they are quite similar, except that you are now getting four inch screens and 1.3 GHz processors. Both models have an 8 MP camera, though the camera on the 5S is better since it has dual flash and better features. You will get a fingerprint locking system on the 5S as well, for easier locking and unlocking and better security.

The Cheapest Deals

BankiPhone5If you want the absolute cheapest deals for iPhones you are going to have to pay a down payment on the phone to bring down your monthly payments. If you are able to do this though, you can get a pretty cheap phone plan.

For the iPhone 4 the cheapest deal is with O2 and will cost you £12 per month plus a £360 down payment. Included in your contract will be unlimited text messages, six hundred calling minutes and a 750 MB data allowance.

The cheapest monthly deal on the iPhone 4S is from T-Mobile and costs £10.50 per month as well as a £220 down payment. With this contract you also get unlimited text messaging, plus fifty calling minutes and a 250 MB data limit.

If you want the iPhone 5C then your cheapest option again lies with T-Mobile, this time for £12 per month and a £300 down payment. You will get unlimited text messages, one hundred calling minutes and a large 1 GB data allowance on this contract, however.

Finally, for the new iPhone 5S the cheapest deal is with Orange. This will cost you £12 per month plus a £420 down payment, and includes unlimited text messages, five hundred calling minutes and a 250 MB data allowance.

The Cheapest No Down Payment Deals

For those who do not want to make a down payment, or who cannot afford to do so, there are still plenty of great options, though you will have to pay a higher monthly payment if you do not pay any cash up front.

The best deal on the iPhone 4 is with O2 for £27 per month. This contract has a great calling plan attached, giving you unlimited calling minutes and text messages plus a 1 GB data allowance each month.

The cheapest plan on the 4S model is again with O2 and it will cost you just £17 per month. This time there is a much smaller calling plan attached, and whilst you will still get unlimited text messages you will get only two hundred calling minutes and 100 MB of mobile data.

For the iPhone 5C the cheapest no down payment deal is with Vodafone and costs £25 per month. Again, the calling plan is a small one, with unlimited text messages but just one hundred calling minutes and a 100 MB of mobile data.

The cheapest 5S deal is with Vodafone again and costs a pricey £33 per month, but you do get a larger calling plan this time around. You will get six hundred calling minutes, unlimited text messages and 500 MB of mobile data.

The Best All Around Deals

iphone 4s dealsIf you are looking for an iPhone, then chances are that you are looking for a relatively big calling plan, since you will want to take full advantage of all your phone’s features, particularly when it comes to mobile data. This means that you will not necessarily want to go for the cheapest plan, but instead will want to opt for the best general deal.

For the iPhone 4 we think the best all-around deal is from O2, and it will cost you £22 per month plus a small £50 down payment. With this contract you will get a 750 MB data allowance, as well as unlimited text messages and six hundred calling minutes.

For the iPhone 4S again, the best deal is probably going to be with O2 and costs £27 per month. There is no down payment though, and you get a hefty calling plan with unlimited texts and minutes as well as a 1 GB data limit.

If you want the iPhone 5C, our vote goes to T-Mobile for the best deal. There is no down payment and a £32 per month fee, but you get unlimited mobile data, unlimited text messages and one thousand calling minutes, which is a huge calling plan for a very reasonable price.

Lastly, for the iPhone 5S we think that the best general deal is with Vodafone. Again, there is no down payment, and you will be paying £33 per month, for which you will get unlimited texts, unlimited calling minutes and a healthy 1 GB data allowance.

There are plenty of great iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 deals on the market, your only problem now is deciding which one you should choose!

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