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What’s the next iPhone going to be like? Okay, maybe the question can be easily answered, at least by us iPhone Bloggers; it is going to be awesome.

The next iPhone will look like..

The next iPhone will have a larger and wider display
But wait, you didn’t expect us to say just that, you knew it already, so here we go.

There is a rumor going on in the Internet about the looks of the upcoming iPhone 5. To be exact, this rumor has quite the solid source and that would be Foxconn in China. According to this source, which would most probably be Foxconn workers, various prototypes have been produced and bound to be tested, varying at least as far as the physical size and shape is concerned. But what all those different form factors did have in common was the 4” display, no tear-drop design, as well as the fact that they all differed from the current latest iPhone, our beloved iPhone 4S.

Now, as for the iPhone 5 launch day, no one can really say for sure. Of course, if the same pattern with iPhone 4S in 2011 is to be practiced by Apple, we will be seeing our next favourite Smartphone somewhere around Summer 2012.

Of course, this would be just perfect for Apple to present their new product in the upcoming Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2012), which is scheduled for June 6 – 10, in San Francisco.

Hopefully, this is exciting news for everyone here, in the iPhone community. Well, it is an iPhone with an even larger and wider display, how could it not be exciting?

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  1. Author
    GiKee 12 years ago

    As long as the device won’t become bigger, I would like to see a 4 inch display

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